Affirmations Workshop

A Focus for Change

All affirmations are not created equal. If you ever wanted to explore affirmations as a vehicle for change—or if you’ve tried before and they haven’t worked well for you—this workshop will provide the tools to create inspired and inspiring affirmations that not only sound great, but that can bring about attainable results.

Why do many affirmations fail?
Because they sound too good to be true.
Or achieving the aspiration will bring about undesired consequences.
Or simply wishing won’t make it so. Or… Or…

Affirmations are new plans for action. Plans. Plans that require definition, management and action. And, affirmations can succeed. This two-part workshop will lead you through the process.


6 contact hours
Facilitator: Tsy Schupack

Private and Small Group Workshops
Tsy is available for private and small group workshops local to Denver or at your location.

Class fee:
$ 90.00 regular registration

Affirmations Workshop includes:

  • What were you thinking? checklist
  • Overview of the levels of mind
  • Understanding and formulating language
  • What do you think vs what do you say or do
  • Eight essential principles for formulating affirmations
  • Affirmative actions
  • Practice sessions
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Manual

What participants have said:
“I thought it was great! I was impressed how you used all of the learning modes in your teaching. As a teacher that is so great to see!” SH