Mentoring and Practice Support
For Healing Arts Practitioners

Support on the Journey

Mentoring and practice support is available to any practitioner of the healing arts, regardless of level or style of training.


We can learn much from the experiences of others. We can all benefit from a different perspective.  Tsy offers decades of experience — not only in the healing arts — from corporate, marketing, advertising and design positions both in-house and freelance. Tsy understands what it takes to see and explore new possibilities, to keep moving forward and attain goals.

Mentoring is offered in one hour blocks either in person or by phone. Those seeking phone consultations are asked to convey major questions/issues via email prior to the phone appointment.

Practice Support

Unlike mentoring, practice support has more feel-it-in-your-hand tangible results. How and where you communicate, what materials you handout, do your words scream or whisper will result in how you may be perceived, often before a client or student has the opportunity to meet you.

Tsy has provided freelance editorial, design and communication services to non-profit organizations, universities, major corporations and agencies in the New York market. Tsy adapts well to the style a client requires, allowing the client to be heard and seen as they wish to be presented.

Practice support services are rendered on a project basis after discussing project particulars.


Sample subjects:

  • Any question you might have — really
  • Enhancing self-treatment and personal practice
  • Deepen your personal experience and practice
  • Review previous workshop materials
  • Progress skills and hone techniques
  • Addressing specific healing needs of self and others
  • Ethical and client/recipient relationship issues
  • Brainstorming solutions
  • Role playing
  • Moving from practitioner to professional
  • Moving from practitioner to teacher
  • Aspects of building and maintaining a practice
  • Increase the depth of relationship with your professional practice

Practice Support

Sample projects:

  • Practice forms development
  • Manual and handout review and development
  • Website, SEO and Social review and recommendations
  • Market clarification
  • Defining, developing and practice runs of classes and workshops
  • Single course or curriculum formulation
  • Editorial and design services

Mentoring Sessions