Reiki II Expanded Workshop

Usui Shiki Ryoho – Usui System of Natural Healing
Classic & Contemporary Methods

This expanded offering builds upon the core information of the second level of Reiki. In addition to more fully examining belief repatterning/habit change and distant sending techniques of Reiki II instruction, a myriad of additional uses for Reiki II concepts are introduced and explored.

Releasing past patterns, solid object charging, symbol sequences for specific intent and introducing and incorporating non-Usui symbols are among the many areas covered as well as incorporating with greater depth Reiki symbols in hands-on sessions and distant healing.

This additional day provides the time to experience and share even more fully the possibilities of using Reiki as a healing tool.

Reiki Level 2 Expanded Workshop

6 contact hours
Facilitator: Tsy Schupack

Private and Small Group Workshops
Tsy is available for private ans small group workshops local to Denver or at your location.

Class fee:
$ 150.00 regular registration
$ 75.00 repeat


  • Reiki Level 1 and 2 training received in-person of any lineage with substantially similar training content
  • Integrated material from previous workshop
  • Integrated material from previous workshops
  • Ability to confidently employ primary Reiki II symbols


  • Review information and techniques included in Reiki II manual
  • Active experience employing Reiki II techniques with self and others

Reiki Level 2 Expanded
Workshop includes:

  • Reiki II meditation
  • Reiki belief repatterning techniques
  • Overview of how the unconscious mind operates and interprets information
  • Formulating helpful language and healing suggestions
  • Releasing and transforming negative thought and habit patterns
  • Formulating symbol sequences for specific purposes
  • Expanded symbol introduction and usage
  • Further exploration of incorporating symbols and symbolic language into hands-on and distant sessions
  • Practice sessions
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Manual
    Reiki II Training Manual - Table of Contents - Metro Denver - © Tsy Schupack and One Tree Guild Ltd

What participants have said:

“The experience is exceptional.” LT

“Fluidity-the teaching went exactly where each individual in the group needed to go.” HH