Reiki Practitioner/Teacher Mentorship

Usui Shiki Ryoho – Usui System of Natural Healing
Classic & Contemporary Methods

This mentorship is designed to support the individual through the processes involved in becoming a teacher of energetic arts. Personal, practitioner and teacher roles are explored and developed. Upon completion the practitioner/teacher will be prepared to confidently teach all levels.

Self-paced, the program is normally completed within 4-6 months.

I can share what I have learned, my resources and references, yet what you will come to know, you will learn for yourself. What you will learn and how you will ultimately teach others will be uniquely yours, and yours alone.

Practitioner Teacher Mentorship General Requirements

  • Assorted reading requirements in the areas of Reiki, hands on healing, personal development and client/practitioner relations
  • Develop daily practice & journal your process
  • Sessions with instructor – give/receive
  • Perform & document self treatments, hands on sessions on with others, distant sending and emotional/reprogramming sessions
  • Read and/or review Reiki I and II manuals, explore all exercises, note all questions/comments
  • Practice energy exercises
  • Practice attunements
  • Assist in Reiki workshops & sharings
  • Determine what elements are essential for each level of Reiki and develop class agenda/outlines/syllabus and materials for each level


  • Complete or audit Reiki I and II workshops
  • Minimum of six months active practitioner experience at Reiki II
  • Attend sharings
  • Documented sessions

A complete syllabus for the Practitioner/Teacher Mentorship is available upon request.

advanced registration required
Class fee: $1,450.00

What participants have said:

“It was wonderful and enlightening, relaxing and enjoyable. No difficulty with the material–very well presented.”LS

“Relaxed, non-judgmental setting.” KW