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One Tree Guild Community provides members with support and educational services to advance the understanding and practice of the healing arts.

    • Affirmations

      All affirmations are not created equal. If you ever wanted to explore affirmations as a vehicle for change—or if you’ve tried before and they haven’t worked well for you Read More

    • Dowsing with Charts

      Wonder what might be keeping you blocked from that perfect job or relationship? Or what to serve for dinner? A simple pendulum and chart might offer you an answer you hadn’t considered. Read More

    • Energy Medicine – Hands-on Healing Workshop

      Even if you’re all thumbs you can easily learn the gentle art of hands on healing. No previous experience? No problem. Read More

    • Reiki Workshops and Trainings

      Reiki is a light touch energy-based system of natural healing that positively affects the whole person by use of universal life energy. Reiki performs at every level of being—connecting the physical, emotional and spiritual facets. Rebalancing the energy centers, it provides an intimate link between mind, body and spirit. Read More Now